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Lana’s Deep Fur Cleaning Kit

Home Fur Cleaning

Bottled fur cleaning solution offers clean, glazed, and deodorized fur after one treatment.  This helps maintain the fur and keep it looking new and fresh.  There are only a few easy steps to clean your fur and save money on professional fur cleaning
Item # LS-FNL 029
Price $34.95
Shipping $7.95 US Ground Shipping
$19.95 Canada
$29.95 Worldwide

Contents: Lana’s Fur Cleaning Powder, Fur Brush, and mixing bag

Recommended and designed for older, greasy fur that has been neglected and needs a deep cleaning to bring back the new look.  If your fur has been well maintained, this may be a good product for you every 3-5 years.

Get the most out of your deep fur cleaner:

- Restore and Refresh your fur
- Clean your fur
- Remove the odor caused by your pets
- Get out the everyday smells of smoke, perfume, etc.
- Deep Clean down to the bottom fur hairs
- Remove grease and dirt build up
- Easy to use
- Get multiple full coat cleanings per kit
- Make a Green choice with our eco-friendly solution
- Save money on professional cleaning
  and get similar or better results
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- Great gift idea!