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Odor Removal FAQ

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qI inherited a fur coat that has some strong, musty odors. I have had the lining and interfacing removed. The pelts are in great shape as is the actual fur. I would like to know if any of your natural cleaning solutions would address the odor issue.

To eliminate the strong odor away from your fur coat we would recommend our Fur Cleaning Kit (LS-FNL-001) which is three-in-one product that cleans fur, removes odor, and restores glazing of fur hairs. Moreover, it also includes two complimentary moth away bags for continous protection when storing the fur. We recommend to repeat the coat care procedure 2 to 3 times during the week. If you feel that your coat requires additional anti-odor treatment, we would recommend our other fur odor removal solution which is also easy to use, please read our guide on how to remove strong odors from fur to learn more.

qI purchased Fur Deep Cleaning Kit recently and followed the procedure as described, a strong odor of perfume is less but still there. I tried it 2nd time and disposed of the cleaning product, but still odor prevails. Let me know what you recommend?

The reason for the smell is that Lana’s Deep Fur Cleaning Kit (LS-FNL-029) does not contain odor remover. The product you are looking for is Lana’s Fur Cleaning Kit (LS-FNL-001) which has the odor remover in the solution and which we do sell separately. Since you purchased the kit that already includes a fur brush, all you need is Lana’s Fur Cleaning Solution (LS-FNL-002) which is available for ordering on lanasfur.com.