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Fur Stain Removal FAQ

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qWhich of your products will help remove slight discoloration from facial make-up?

Our recommendation for fixing the facial make-up stains would be Lana's Stain Remover (LS-FNL-033) or Lana’s Fur Stain Removal Kit (LS-FNL-011). The kit additionally includes a fur brush and a pad for easy proper treatment of your fur.

qI spilled Safeway no-sugar Raspberry drink on a light-colored sheepskin rug. Quite a big stain. Do you think your Fur Stain Remover Kit would remove such a stain?

In this situation, for best results, we would recommend using Lana's Stain Remover (LS-FNL-033) on the stain, then wait about an hour or two and use Lana’s Sheep Fur Cleaning Kit (LS-FNL-014). You can also try using just Lana's Stain Remover and see if that will work by itself. However, it is always recommended to treat the stain as soon as possible to avoid further damage and setting in of stain in the sheepskin.