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Lana’s Fur Cleansing Pad

Lana’s Fur Cleansing Pad


Quick Overview

Lana’s Fur Cleansing Pad designed as a part of Lana's Cleaning Solution for cleans and glazes your precious fur garments. The small size Fur Pad works well on all fur types: mink, fox, rabbit, lynx, sheep, coyote, sable, faux / fake fur, etc., and on any fur items: coats, hats, gloves, scarves, collars, purses, rugs, throws, wraps, seat covers, etc.
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    Star “It is the first time I found products for cleaning fur, and I am very happy about that!” - Submitted privately

    Star “I have all my furs cleaned and stored (thanks to Lana´s products) for the summer. However, I have recently acquired a sheepskin rug that needs a light cleaning...so I came here to get the product I need. I´m very happy to see that you´ve widened the selection you offer, it has been a real life saver (ok, fur saver...same thing!). Keep offering great products and I´ll keep coming back, and telling everyone where I get "the good stuff" from! Loree” - Loretta A. Saint Louis, Missouri

    Star “I love the products I purchased but need a little help understanding how to use the one cleaning product I purchased,” - Phoenix, Arizona



    The Lana’s Fur Cleansing Pad features for gentle care of your precious fur garments. The pad can be used on a wide variety of fur items such as coats, hats, gloves, scarves, collars, purses, rugs, throws, wraps, seat covers, etc. Also, due to the nature of Persian lamb, to prevent fur damage from brushing, use fur pad only when cleaning Persian lamb.

    • Gently removes dirt particles and debris from fur
    • Saves money on costly professional cleaning
    • Helps prevent fur's matting and shedding
    • Very comfortable and easy to use

    When To Use

    How To Use

    Take or hang your fur garment and carefully rub/brush the fur throughout making accurate strokes in the direction of fur hairs.


    • Lana's Fur Cleansing Pad - Small
    • Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 2"
    • Package Weight: 0.5 lb

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