Lana’s Deep Fur Cleaning Kit

Ultimate Fur Cleanup - Fur Cleaning Powder - Mixing Bag
Recommended and designed for older, greasy furs that have been neglected or need deep cleaning to bring back the new look. The cleaning powder will draw out the dirt and grease from the fur's fibers. Use this deep fur treatment every 3-5 years even if your fur has been well maintained.
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Lana’s Deep Fur Cleaning Kit


This cleaning process and solution is a family secret that has been used for over a century, and passed down from past generations. Now we are bringing this ancient Russian fur cleansing method to you so that you can show your fur the love it deserves.

  • Easy to use
  • Make a Green choice with our eco-friendly solution
  • Save money on professional treatment and get similar or better results
  • Great gift idea!


  • One bag (1 lb) of Lana’s Fur Cleaning Powder
  • Lana's Fur Brush
  • One Mixing Bag 60 inches length
  • Mixing Bag Dimensions: 60" H x 24" L x 4" W
  • Package Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 in
  • Weight: 2 lb


  • Nontoxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • No Chemicals Added
  • 100% Natural Ingredients

When to use

Get the most out of your deep fur cleaner:

  • Deep clean down to the bottom fur hairs
  • Remove grease and dirt build up
  • Extend the life of your fur
  • Remove the odor caused by your pets
  • Get multiple full coat cleanings per kit
  • Get out the everyday smells of smoke, perfume, etc.

How to use

Quick Direction:

  • Step 1 – Place Powder & fur into the mixing bag
  • Step 2 – Shake the bag
  • Step 3 – Wait. Shake again
  • Step 4 – Take the fur out & shake
  • Step 5 – Hang the fur and brush

For the complete direction please click here to follow our easy steps for fabulous results.


Use Only as Directed.

Frequently Asked Questions

qI am interested in trying your product but nowhere is there any mention of cleaning the lining. What do I do about this?

The best way to clean a coat's lining is to take it off gently and clean separately, the same way you clean a textile, i.e. in washing machine or using dry cleaning service.

qI purchased Fur Deep Cleaning Kit recently and followed the procedure as described, a strong odor of perfume is less but still there. I tried it 2nd time and disposed of the cleaning product, but still odor prevails. Let me know what you recommend?

The reason for the smell is that Lana’s Deep Fur Cleaning Kit (LS-FNL-029) does not contain odor remover. The product you are looking for is Lana’s Fur Cleaning Kit (LS-FNL-001) which has the odor remover in the solution and which we do sell separately. Since you purchased the kit that already includes a fur brush, all you need is Lana’s Fur Cleaning Solution (LS-FNL-002) which is available for ordering on

qI was expecting something that would be available to a professional furrier - but your solution didn't work on my items.

We're very sorry about the negative experience you had with our fur maintenance products. We understand that you expected our solutions to be the ones that pro furriers use to clean their customer's coats. Let us assure you that, most of the time, they use similar formulas to clean and maintain their fur items. Of course, there are also so called 'commercial grade' chemical solutions out there that are stronger than the natural solutions, but we wouldn't recommend them to anyone and almost never use them ourselves because they may damage your fur when applied improperly, erode natural oils out of the fur, and leave unpleasant chemical smell.

To be honest, we rarely get complaints about quality of our products. We have many happy customers who regularly use our products for several years and come back to get more again and again. Because we use our solutions ourselves for many years (we have a fur shop), we know it as a fact that they work better than any home remedy since they consist of a combination of multiple ingredients that not only clean but also deodorize, glaze and improve elasticity of the fur strands.

Due to its main purpose of being a solution for regular maintenance and seasonal cleaning, in some cases when cleaning and restoring heavily worn, greasy or neglected furs, it must be used in combination with our Deep Cleaning Kit and Dry Therapy Solution to get better results. For very dirty and greasy items we recommend using our Deep Cleaning Kit first to get dirt and grease buildups out of the fur and then proceed to a normal cleaning cycle using our regular cleaning solution. For tough dirt spots our advice is to apply cleaning solution and use fur cleansing pad several times until wiping the dirt off completely. Unfortunately, there is no effortless magic-bullet cure for very dirty furs.

Customer Reviews

Love Lana's products Review by Deb
I love the Lana's Fur products that I purchased recently. I bought some vintage fur coats and I was frantic to find something to clean then with. I wanted something that was hardy enough to clean them, yet gentle enough to not damage the pelts. I found Lana's products on an online search. The prices were so reasonable that I bought them to try. I am so pleased with the results! The 3 in one cleaner not only cleans but also glazes and makes my furs look younger than they are! The deep cleaning powders and granules removed the built up grime and the fine brushes allowed me to comb the nap that had been somewhat matted and now is fluffier and silky smooth. My only disappointment is that here in Iowa it is warm now and I will have to wait till fall/winter to wear them! Thanks for making an affordable product that allows me to feed my passion for fur! (Posted on 05/24/2015)
deep fur cleaning kit Review by LadyZooom
This saved my fur from being tossed :)) (Posted on 03/30/2015)
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