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Fur Coat Button - Black - 26mm

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Fur Coat Button - Black - 26mm


Quick Overview

This button made with lightweight and high-strength polyester, simulates natural material.
It's a great choice for repair and restyling of fur and leather jackets, coats, cardigans, accessories, etc.
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    What other fur owners think

    Star “I have been VERY pleased with My Fur cleaning kit & my leather cleaning kit that I have purchased from Lana, and I´m back to buy some additional items today! ” - Loretta A. Saint Louis, Missouri

    Star “I have been inspired to try Lanasfur products after watching YouTube videos. I have bought a vintage full length mink and it stinks to high heaven so I´m very interested in the full cleaning set. Only problem, I´m in the U.K. And some companies don´t post outside the USA. ” - Submitted privately

    Star “This is the 1st time I´ve come across this site only because I need to clean a fake fur coat and it says dry clean only but I think this product will do the same If I use it right” - Submitted privately



    The Fur Coat Button made with lightweight and durable plastic. This plastic shank button has an unique design.

    When to use

    • Repair buttons for fur garments
    • Craft projects


    • One piece of black plastic button, 26mm

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