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Lana’s Dry Fur Therapy Kit - 4oz

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Lana’s Dry Fur Therapy Kit - 4oz


Quick Overview

The Lana’s Dry Fur Therapy Solution is a home remedy for re-hydration and repair of old and vintage dry fur clothing. It helps restore and prolong the life of fur by strengthening skin and individual hair follicles on fur pelts.
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    Star “Very informative” - Submitted privately

    Star “I have all my furs cleaned and stored (thanks to Lana´s products) for the summer. However, I have recently acquired a sheepskin rug that needs a light cleaning...so I came here to get the product I need. I´m very happy to see that you´ve widened the selection you offer, it has been a real life saver (ok, fur saver...same thing!). Keep offering great products and I´ll keep coming back, and telling everyone where I get "the good stuff" from! Loree” - Loretta A. Saint Louis, Missouri

    Star “It is the first time I found products for cleaning fur, and I am very happy about that!” - Submitted privately



    This dry therapy process has been used in our family for over a century. Now we are able to bring you our dry fur conditioner recipe so that you can extend the life of your fur. Rehydrate and recondition your old and vintage dry fur and make it fabulous again!


    • One 4oz bottle of Lana’s Fur Dry Therapy Solution
    • Complimentary Lana's Leather Brush
    • Package Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 2 in
    • Weight: 1 lb


    • Non-toxic Solution
    • No Chemicals Added
    • 100% Natural Ingredients

    When to use

    • Soften the leather side of your fur with a few easy steps
    • Stop your fur from shedding
    • Extend the life of your fur
    • Give your dry leather what it needs
    • Get 2+ full coat treatments per bottle
    • Easy to use
    • Make a Green choice with our eco-friendly solution
    • Save money on professional treatment and get similar or better results
    • Great gift idea!

    How to use

    Quick Direction:

    • Step 1 – Shake bottle well
    • Step 2 – Spray back of fur area
    • Step 3 – Brush sprayed area
    • Step 4 – Let your fur completely dry
    • Step 5 – Brush again

    For complete directions please click here to follow our easy steps for fabulous results.


    Use Only as Directed. If spray gets in eyes, wash out with cold water and soap.

    Customer Reviews

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    Review by Cb
    I can not give the product a fair evaluation as my fur may have been too neglected it is a 70+ year old family heirloom. I used the product and it did soften the coat some but it is being professionally evaluated to see if it is worth further investing. (Posted on 12/22/2016)
    Quality product helped to save some rare fur!
    Review by MaryG
    I inherited a 1920s black silk satin coat with monkey fur (now illegal to trade). It was in pretty good condition, but some areas seemd too dry to repair by stitching. I used the Dry Fur Therapy kit as directed and crossed my fingers. Since this was a collar piece, I was able to lay it flat and shield the long fur using aluminum foil. It worked beautifully. I was able to stitch where needed because the lotion gave the skin more strength and pliability, and I even backed some areas to prevent more damage. I have confidence that i have not done further damage and the coat looks fabulous with it's original collar and cuffs. (Posted on 09/27/2016)
    Love it!
    Review by Love it!
    Love it! (Posted on 06/03/2016)
    The products restored my furs beyond belief
    Review by Susan
    I think they are awesome and the products restored my furs (formerly my mother's furs) beyond belief - they were dry and I was afraid to wear them until I found these products. I can wear them now. I also inserted the hooks and eyes to keep the fur coat closed and they work like a dream. Thanks so much for allowing me to restore and maintain two cherish coats that my mother wore all of the time. (Posted on 02/25/2016)
    I love your products
    Review by Malena
    I looove all the products and I am promoting them on my fur listings and in my store! Please send the fur whitening bottle when you can. Im whitening a blue fox. Thank you do much! (Posted on 01/21/2016)
    Hoping for a miracle!
    Review by Bron357
    I also have a stunning vintage chinchilla coat that is in atrocious condition. I have stripped out the lining to apply this product and I'm hoping to restore some life, any life, to the crispy pelts. It seems to be working. I think it will need a few treatments. As advised, take care not to get it on the fur. Great product. (Posted on 05/09/2015)
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    qI need to treat the collar of a fur coat it is dry on the end of the wing collar. What do I do?

    The best advice is to utilize Lana’s Dry Fur Therapy Solution (LS-FNL-010). However, this product should only be used on the skin (leather) side of the fur coat. Most collars are basically doubled over the skin so that the fur is on both sides and then leather side is not easily accessible. If you have any way to get inside of the collar and reach to the skin side, you can use our Dry Therapy Solution. It helps prolonging the life of fur by strengthening the skin and the individual hair follicles that create the fur. However, if you are unable to get to the leather inside of the collar, do not try to use this product on the fur side of the coat.

    qI was expecting something that would be available to a professional furrier - but your solution didn't work on my items.

    We're very sorry about the negative experience you had with our fur maintenance products. We understand that you expected our solutions to be the ones that pro furriers use to clean their customer's coats. Let us assure you that, most of the time, they use similar formulas to clean and maintain their fur items. Of course, there are also so called 'commercial grade' chemical solutions out there that are stronger than the natural solutions, but we wouldn't recommend them to anyone and almost never use them ourselves because they may damage your fur when applied improperly, erode natural oils out of the fur, and leave unpleasant chemical smell.

    To be honest, we rarely get complaints about quality of our products. We have many happy customers who regularly use our products for several years and come back to get more again and again. Because we use our solutions ourselves for many years (we have a fur shop), we know it as a fact that they work better than any home remedy since they consist of a combination of multiple ingredients that not only clean but also deodorize, glaze and improve elasticity of the fur strands.

    Due to its main purpose of being a solution for regular maintenance and seasonal cleaning, in some cases when cleaning and restoring heavily worn, greasy or neglected furs, it must be used in combination with our Deep Cleaning Kit and Dry Therapy Solution to get better results. For very dirty and greasy items we recommend using our Deep Cleaning Kit first to get dirt and grease buildups out of the fur and then proceed to a normal cleaning cycle using our regular cleaning solution. For tough dirt spots our advice is to apply cleaning solution and use fur cleansing pad several times until wiping the dirt off completely. Unfortunately, there is no effortless magic-bullet cure for very dirty furs.

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