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Lana’s Fur Odor Remover

Lana’s Fur Odor Remover


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Remove mildew smell from your vintage fur and leather garments. Use Lana’s Fur Odor Remover to get unpleasant odors and smells from pets, smoke, perfume, must out of your fur.
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    Great !!

    Worked like a dream. I was airing out an inherited fur coat for months...and it still was musty. Removed the lining thinking that might improve things but no the fur was still smelly. I got this product from Lana and it took a full bottle but it worked in 30 minutes...the time it took to dry. I would recommend this...it is fantastic.


    Great !!

    I inherited a fur coat that smelled musty and I literally tried everything to eliminate the smell...hung it outside for 3 days....removed the lining thinking that was the problem. Put coffee grounds in the pockets and although after 5 months the smell was a bit better it was not gone. Then I bought this spray. Absolutely amazing. I bought 2 bottles as they are small...but after using one bottle ( it did take that much) the smell is completely gone...no trace. And I have the second bottle still for any future issues.

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    Lana’s Fur Odor Remover is a simple and eco-friendly solution for fur owners looking to eliminate unpleasant odors and smells. Our Odor Remover works to remove the strong odor such as mildew, pets, cigarette smoke, perfume, and elderly smell.

    When to use

    • Eliminate pets, perfume, old age odor
    • To remove mildew, cigarette or cigar smell
    • Extend the life of your fur
    • For a natural air freshener for your fur
    • Easy to use
    • Make a Green choice with our eco-friendly solution
    • Save money on professional treatment and get similar or better results
    • Great gift idea!


    • One (1 oz) bottle of Fur Odor Remover
    • Package Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 2 in
    • Weight: 1 lb


    • Nontoxic
    • No Chemicals Added
    • 100% Natural Ingredients

    How to use

    • Step 1 – Hang the fur
    • Step 2 – Spray evenly with Lana’s Fur Odor Remover
    • Step 3 – Wait for the fur to completely dry

    For the complete direction please click here to follow our easy steps for fabulous results.


    Use Only as Directed. If spray gets in eyes, wash out with cold water and soap.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    qI inherited a fur coat that has some strong, musty odors. I have had the lining and interfacing removed. The pelts are in great shape as is the actual fur. I would like to know if any of your natural cleaning solutions would address the odor issue.

    To eliminate the strong odor away from your fur coat we would recommend our Fur Cleaning Kit (LS-FNL-001) which is three-in-one product that cleans fur, removes odor, and restores glazing of fur hairs. Moreover, it also includes two complimentary moth away bags for continous protection when storing the fur. We recommend to repeat the coat care procedure 2 to 3 times during the week. If you feel that your coat requires additional anti-odor treatment, we would recommend our other fur odor removal solution which is also easy to use, please read our guide on how to remove strong odors from fur to learn more.

    qI need a solution to clean my used furs purchased on eBay so that they smell newer and fresher. Which of your products will be the best for this purpose?

    For odor removal and refreshment of old furs we recommend using our Fur Cleaning Kit (LS-FNL-001). It is all-in-one product that not only cleans the fur but also removes odor thanks to the solution's formula that already includes odor eliminating substance. To get better result repeat the refreshment procedure 2-3 times during the week. In addition to cleaning, for furs with strong odor we would also recommend to try our Fur Odor Remover.

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