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Care for your fur
at home
safe and easy
Clean, glaze, whiten, remove old age odor, and protect
Save up to 75%

3-in-1 Fur Cleaning Solution:
Clean, Glaze, Deodorize

Treat 2+ coats with one 4oz bottle

100% Natural Ingredients

Quick and Easy


Remove odor from cigarette smoke, perfume, old age, pets or must

Works on all fur types and faux fur

100% Natural Ingredients

Quick and Easy


Whiten fur yellowed with age

Makes fur few shades whiter with every treatment

Works great on rabbit, white fox, sheepskin, alpaca

Quick and Easy


Treat stains anywhere at anytime!

Remove lipstick, makeup, food stains

Works on all fur types, faux fur, sheepskin, alpaca

100% Natural Ingredients

Quick and Easy



RFID card is awseome

I’m really happy i can buy a heavy duty card that i can put in whatever wallet or pockets my credit and debit cards are in. Such a great idea.


Love these coat hooks

I have a very light, GORGEOUS sheep skin coat from Gorsuch, but alas, it doesn't stay flat when buttoned - the inside overlap keeps bunching up. So... these little hooks can go pretty much discretely on the outside and inside of the coat - no one really has to see them - but if they do - they blend and look lovely. They keep the fold over flat. Lana's is a great company - so glad they had this item.

Old Fashioned Dance Teacher

Worked to rehydrate an old fur coat so I could sew pillows out of it!

When she relocated to Florida, a relative gave me a treasured coyote fur coat that sat in my closet for 20 years. I finally thought I'd like to make fur pillows out of it rather than it just hanging there taking up closet space. When I took out the coat and removed the lining, I was surprised to see tears in the pelts. I'm sure it was due to the age of the coat. I didn't think the leather would hold stitches for sewing at that point so I researched a product to rehydrate the skins. This product was easy to use. I applied it twice after cutting out the form of my pillow. I hand sewed the pillow and it looks fabulous and the stiches have held so far with no problem! So far, so good...


Sweet small brush

Love the small size of this brush. Perfect for my toy poodle. Good pins and sturdy. Great quality. Beautiful wood.


Excellent wide brush

Wonderful brush. Nice and wide for more coverage. Good amount of pins and their placement/distance apart. Very sturdy. Beautiful wood.


Great product

Would do business with Lana’s again


Love it

This is my second one, I have one at my cabin, and now one at my house. I tried an exacto knife to cut my leather, and it worked, but not as good as this one. The blades are easy to change out to, Would highly recommend it.

79 rulz

CPR For Vintage Furs!

I sell online & needed a DIY solution for cleaning my vintage furs before listing them. This is a miracle worker! I've used it on mink and a vintage 1940s skunk fur "chubby" so far. The fur comes out much softer and glossier after treatment with the fur cleaner. I ordered and used the glaze as well. Highly recommend!

Vintage Fur Fan


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