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About Lana's Products

About Lana's products

For hundreds of years long harsh winters have forced numerous people around the world to seek warmth and comfort in fur garments.

Faced with the constant challenge of grueling winter temperatures, the people of Siberia have become fur care experts, using natural secret remedies that render fur practically everlasting.

In 1874, Lana’s great grandmother brought her family’s secret fur remedy from Siberia to Moscow where it had stayed and evolved for a little over a century.

A few decades ago Lana and her family moved to the United States in hopes of pursuing the american dream.

Upon their arrival they were quick to notice that although fur has grown in popularity, many people have not gained the proper understanding and knowledge of how fur should be cared for. Realizing that Lana’s secret family remedy can help many people and save countless furs, they decided to share their family secret with the world, giving birth to a line of Lana’s fur care products.

Lana’s fur care products have taken off worldwide, and strive to help people everywhere better enjoy and care for their fur.

A great deal of time has been taken to tweak the various fur care formulas rendering them to perfection. Now anyone anywhere can enjoy Lana’s family secret at home, and show their fur the love it deserves.


All of Lana’s products are made with 100% natural ingredients, 100% love and care. All products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safe.

Whether you have a great experience to share or just have a question, we love hearing from our customers. Please write to us anytime to support@lanasfur.com and let our family help your family.