Make your fur fabulous again!

Fur Care

Caring for your fur at home is very easy and safe when you have proper tools, correct knowledge, and proven solution. The goal of Lana's fur care product line is to make you confident in all aspects of at home fur care, and help you extend the life and beauty of your fur. Whether it's cleaning, glazing, whitening, fur garment safekeeping, or old age odor removal, Lana's gives you right instruments and right methods for taking care of wide variety of fur items such as coats, hats, gloves, or other fur accessories of any type. All Lana's products come with detailed yet simple step-by-step instructions that neatly explain how to properly care for your fur. You can also contact our fur care specialists with any specific questions that you might have about fur maintenance and reconditioning. To find Lana's product that is specific to your task, just choose an appropriate category below or at the top menu. Show your fur the love it deserves!
  • Fur Cleaning Fur Cleaning

    Your fur items need to be cleaned at least once a year to maintain their natural shine and prolong life of fur. Fur cleaning aims to remove dust particles, pollutants, and cosmetics that accumulate in the fur hairs over time. Such debris may greatly reduce fur life by drawing natural oils out of its pelt. Lana's fur cleaning products let you avoid the hassle of bringing your precious fur garments to a furrier or cleaning expert. Lana's gives everything you need to master a process of fur cleaning at home. All Lana's products come with detailed yet simple instructions explaining our cleaning process and method. Show your fur the love it deserves, use Lana’s cleaning solutions to ensure extended life and beauty of your furs!
  • Fur Stain Removal Fur Stain Removal

    Stains is unavoidable annoyance of life. But stains on fur are not just unpleasant, they may shorten the life and shine of expensive coats if not treated in a short period of time. The golden rule of fur care is to remove stains as soon as possible. By cleaning your stained fur sooner you avoid setting of stains on the fur material. The best measure for any occasion is to always have a fur stain cleaner in close proximity, even on the go, so that the annoying pesky stains can be treated anywhere at anytime. For best results, you must always use a solution that is specifically formulated for stain cleaning. It’s important to know that regular fur cleaner will not remove tough makeup and food stains, as they are more invasive and set deeper than normal dust and dirt. At Lana's, we designed an instant fur spot cleaner in a conveniently sized small spray bottle that can be easily carried in a purse or pocket. Our easy-to-use solution allows you to quickly dissolve and remove tough makeup, lipstick spots, wine, and many other types of stains out of your precious fur garments.
  • Fur Whitening Fur Whitening

    It's not unusual for old white fur to become yellow with age, especially around collars and sleeves that usually age faster from wear. At Lana’s, we offer a professional whitening solution for at home treatment of aged fur. Now you can whiten your fur at home by using Lana's whitener that is capable of making your fur a few shades whiter with every treatment. Our solution works great and have already been proven safe and efficient.
  • Fur Odor Removal Fur Odor Removal

    It is very common for odor from cigarette smoke, perfume, old age, pets or must to accumulate and deposit in furs. If the smell is so strong that the fur retains it even after hanging outside, it is time to take care of your fur item. Instead of spending money on dry cleaning by expensive professional services, you can quickly and easily deodorize your fur at home by using Lana's Fur Odor Remover solution. After using Lana's solution the smell will clear instantly. You can also get rid of unpleasant odors by using our Deep Fur Cleaning Kit that in addition provides thorough fur cleaning.
  • Dry Fur Therapy Dry Fur Therapy

    Give your dry leather what it needs, rehydrate and recondition your old dry fur and make it fabulous again with Lana's dry fur therapy solution! Lana offers a home remedy for re-hydration of dry fur clothing that helps restore and prolong life of old fur by strengthening the skin and the individual hair follicles on the pelts. Lana's solution lets you soften the leather side of your fur with a few easy steps and stop the fur from shedding.
  • Fur Brushing Fur Brushing

    Enjoy the process of keeping your fur garments clean, healthy and fabulous by using a brush that your fur truly deserves. The Lana’s fur brushes are specially designed for accurate removal of debris and dirt particles from fur garments to maintain their natural look and prolong life of the fur material. Our brushes work well on fur of almost any type: mink, fox, rabbit, sheep, coyote, sable, beaver, muskrat, lynx, faux fur, etc. They feature soft steel pins that are more appropriate for gentle handling of delicate fur items.