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Fur Cleaning

Your fur items need to be cleaned at least once a year to maintain their natural shine and prolong life of fur. Fur cleaning aims to remove dust particles, pollutants, and cosmetics that accumulate in the fur hairs over time. Such debris may greatly reduce fur life by drawing natural oils out of its pelt. Lana's fur cleaning products let you avoid the hassle of bringing your precious fur garments to a furrier or cleaning expert. Lana's gives everything you need to master a process of fur cleaning at home. All Lana's products come with detailed yet simple instructions explaining our cleaning process and method. Show your fur the love it deserves, use Lana’s cleaning solutions to ensure extended life and beauty of your furs!
  • Lana’s Fur Cleaning Kit

  • Lana’s Sheepskin Fur Cleaner - 16oz

  • Lana’s Mini Fur Cleaning Kit

  • Lana’s Deep Fur Cleaning Kit

  • Lana’s 3-in-1 Fur Cleaner - 8oz

  • Lana’s 3-in-1 Fur Cleaner - 16oz

  • Lana’s Sheepskin Fur Cleaner - 8oz

  • Lana’s Fur Deep Cleaning Powder

  • Lana’s Fur Deep Cleaning Mixing Bag

  • Lana’s Fur Cleansing Pad