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Fur Stain Removal

Stains is unavoidable annoyance of life. But stains on fur are not just unpleasant, they may shorten the life and shine of expensive coats if not treated in a short period of time. The golden rule of fur care is to remove stains as soon as possible. By cleaning your stained fur sooner you avoid setting of stains on the fur material. The best measure for any occasion is to always have a fur stain cleaner in close proximity, even on the go, so that the annoying pesky stains can be treated anywhere at anytime. For best results, you must always use a solution that is specifically formulated for stain cleaning. It’s important to know that regular fur cleaner will not remove tough makeup and food stains, as they are more invasive and set deeper than normal dust and dirt. At Lana's, we designed an instant fur spot cleaner in a conveniently sized small spray bottle that can be easily carried in a purse or pocket. Our easy-to-use solution allows you to quickly dissolve and remove tough makeup, lipstick spots, wine, and many other types of stains out of your precious fur garments.
  • Lana’s Fur Stain Removal Kit

  • Lana’s Instant Fur Stain Remover