Make your fur fabulous again!

Garment Storage

It is not enough to just clean your coats or other types of clothing; it also quite important to properly store it. When speaking about fur, it is especially substantial, as one of the biggest factors that ruins fur quality is improper storage. If fur garments are properly stored they can last you a lifetime. To help you always keep your garments in a good shape, Lana offers a line of garment storage products that are perfectly suitable for safekeeping of sensitive precious clothing.
  • Lana's Fur Garment Bag - Large

  • Lana's Fur Garment Bag - Small

  • Lana’s Moth Away - Two Sachet Bags

  • Lana's Fur and Leather Coat Hanger - Large - Men's

  • Lana's Fur and Leather Coat Hanger - Small, Black - Women's