Use Lana’s Fur Cleaning Kit or Lana’s Mini Fur Cleaning Kit to maintain the brilliance of all fur items, and to bring old ones back to their original condition. To keep your fur coat shiny and soft, you need to clean it at least once a year, at the end of a season. If you wear your fur many times per season or it is exposed to beauty products or smoke, then have it cleaned during the season as well. Lana's fur cleaning kits include a three-in-one solution that is perfectly suitable for all your fur keeping needs: cleaning, glaze, and odor removal.

Please follow these directions to make your fur fabulous again:

Lana’s Fur Care Kit

  1. Take your fur garment and carefully shake it to remove large dirt particles, then use Lana’s Fur Brush to remove remaining dirt. Carefully brush the fur throughout. Depending on how dirty the fur is, we recommend doing this outside so that dirt is not passed into your home.
  2. Hang the fur garment so that it is fully extended, and hung at full length.
  3. Gently shake the bottle of Lana’s Fur Cleaning Solution.
  4. Spray the entire fur with the solution, taking care of evenly dispersing the solution. One spray per dirty area is enough. Do not soak the fur. Do not spray the lining. For fur located close to the lining, use Lana’s Fur Pad to apply the solution, making accurate strokes in the direction of the fur.
  5. Using Lana's Fur Pad gently disperse the solution through the entirety of the fur garment. Make sure to only wipe in the direction of the fur. If the pad becomes dirty, wash it with soap and water and continue use. If the fur has been maintained, washing the pad will only be necessary at the end of the cleaning. But, if the fur is in a very dirty condition periodically checking the fur pad while cleaning is necessary, to make sure that you aren’t just moving dirt around. Make sure to maintain a clean pad while performing cleaning procedures.
  6. After wiping, wait for the fur to completely dry, this should take 30 minutes to an hour. For best results, dry the fur outside in a safe breezy place, taking care to avoid direct sunlight.
  7. Once completely dry, use Lana’s Fur Brush to brush the entire garment again. Make sure to brush in the direction of the fur.
  8. Enjoy your freshly fabulous fur.

For fur with tough stains such as makeup, lipstick, sweat, etc., use Lana’s On-The-Spot Fur Stain Remover first to treat the stain(s) and then clean the entire garment with Lana's Fur Cleaner.

Due to the nature Persian lamb avoid using the brush. Instead, only use Lana’s Fur Pad in the cleaning process to prevent fur damage from brushing.

Note: Place Lana’s Moth Away Bag in a pocket of your garment to avoid pesky moth attacks. Take care to replace every six months.