This guide describes professional at home treatment of your dry fur. Please follow these directions to rehydrate and restore your fur and make it fabulous again.

Initial preparation: Take off the lining of your fur garment so that you can reach the leather (opposite side of the fur hairs). Lay your garment down on a clean flat surface, preferably a table (with the fur side facing down and the leather side facing up).

Lana’s Fur Dry Therapy Solution

  1. Before using shake well Lana’s Dry Fur Therapy Solution. For best results we recommend warming the solution for 10 minutes, by immersing the bottle (up to bottom edge of label) in hot water. Do not use boiling hot water.
  2. Apply one spray per area of concern. While spraying try to avoid the actual fur area – you will not hurt the fur but it will require a cleaning as it will become slightly greasy.
  3. Using Lana’s Leather Brush gently work in the solution – do not push hard, be gentle, but make sure you work the solution into the pores.
  4. Hang the fur, extending fully, and leave it to cure for 12 hours.
  5. Re-attach the lining of your garment.
  6. Enjoy your fabulous rehydrated fur!

Following the treatment, we recommend using Lana’s Fur Cleaning Solution to clean your fur.

This method is not recommended for shearlings.

If you feel the fur needs more hydration repeat the process after waiting 24 hours.

Please contact us with any questions, concerns or great experiences.