We all know how sad an unfortunate stain can make us feel, especially if it involves our favorite outfit. But where the situation can be helped with a prompt cold water wash or even a trip to your neighborhood dry cleaner’s, when fur is involved it may get much trickier. The problem is that not every dry cleaner will accept fur items. It has to be a facility authorized to clean fur and leather garments which involves a know-how and special equipment not all dry cleaners carry. To locate such a facility can be time consuming and the prices for the service may exceed your expectations. But if you want to restore your favorite fur coat or jacket you are ready to brave all expenses. Well, lucky for you we have a solution that will restore your favorite fur garment and will cost only a small fraction of what professional dry cleaner charge.

Lana’s Instant Fur Stain Remover is a great, all natural treatment designed to remove makeup, grease, food, vine and even pet stains from fur without damaging it. It’s extremely simple to use: just spray, wipe, dry and brush. It is a safe and easy remedy for all your fur stain cleaning needs.

We also offer a Lana’s Fur Stain Removal Kit that is specifically designed in travel size package for those unpleasant moments when you are on the go.

Follow these quick and easy steps to make your stained fur fabulous again:

Lana’s On The Spot Instant Fur Stain Removal Kit

  1. Shake the bottle of Lana’s Instant Fur Stain Remover solution.
  2. Spray the stain spot on fur garment 2-3 times with Lana’s Instant Fur Stain Remover. Don’t soak the fur in the solution and don’t spray the lining.
  3. Gently wipe off the spot with Lana's Fur Pad.
  4. You may repeat steps 2 (spray the stain spot) and 3 (wipe off the spot) if necessary. The fur pad should be dry and clean during the use.
  5. Wait for the fur garment to dry completely, it should take approximately 30 minutes to an hour. For best results dry the fur garment outside in a safe, breezy place, avoiding direct sunlight.
  6. Once completely dry, use Lana’s Fur Brush to brush the fur garment. Make sure to brush in the direction of the fur.
  7. Enjoy your freshly, stain spot free, fabulous fur.

The fur pad should be dry and clean during the use so that it can absorb and eliminate stains properly.

Please apply Lana’s Fur Stain Removal Solution as soon as possible on the spot. This will help to prevent the stain from permanently setting.

Please contact us with any questions, concerns or great experiences.