Initial preparation: It is very important that before you start whitening your fur it is completely clean. We recommend using Lana's Fur Cleaning Kit to clean the fur prior to whitening.

Please follow these directions to make your vintage yellowed fur fabulous again:

Lana’s Fur Whitening Kit

  1. Take your fur garment and carefully shake it to remove large dirt particles, then use Lana’s Fur Brush to remove remaining dirt. This causes the fur hairs to raise up, allowing the solution to penetrate deeper.
  2. Evenly spray the area you wish to whiten with Lana’s Fur Whitening Solution. One spray per area of concern should be enough. Do not soak the fur in the solution.
  3. Using Lana’s Fur Pad gently work in the solution, taking care to wipe in the direction of the fur.
  4. Hang your fur garment so that it is entirely extended.
  5. Leave the hanging fur to dry. It should take approximately 2 hours to dry fully. Make sure to dry the fur in a well lit room. The more light the better. For best results, dry the fur outside on a sunny day, but not in direct sunlight.
  6. After your fur is done drying brush it again using Lana’s Fur Brush.
  7. Enjoy your freshly fabulous white fur. If you have not achieved desired results, and would like to make the fur a few shades lighter, you should repeat the whitening procedure as soon as your fur is dry from the previous one.

For fur with tough stains such as makeup, lipstick, sweat stains, etc., use Lana's Instant Fur Stain Remover to treat the stain and then clean the entire coat with Lana's Fur Cleaning Solution.

After finishing with all whitening procedures and achieving desired results do not whiten for at least a month.

This product is designed to whiten aged fur not clean stains off of white fur. To remove stains use Lana's Fur Stain Remover.

Please contact us with any questions, concerns or great experiences.