Once you decide to buy your fur coat (or you got one as a gift) it holds value and meaning. It is beautiful, it makes a statement about you and if stored properly it may serve you for years and sometimes even generations to come. No two fur skins are absolutely alike which is why every fur garment is unique. If you are the lucky holder of such a creation wouldn’t you want to extend its life and keep it beautiful longer? We are going to introduce a few basic tips on how to properly store your fur.

First of all fur coats must be stored in dark closets, where sunlight is out of reach. Sunrays have the effect of fading fur causing the fur to lose its bright vibrant colors. It is recommended to store fur coats in a special garment bag, of dark color, black for most coats and dark blue for lighter fur variations. The garment bag color should not be dyed on, but the garment bag should be made out of that color fabric.

Do not hang fur coats in crowded stuffed closets, where the coats will be closely against other garments. Fur coats fair best in spacious storage. Additionally, other garments may stain fur with their synthetic colors. While storing the coats in closets anti moth substances must be used and replaced every four months. Fur coats must be taken outside periodically and aired out. If the fur coat is not worn often it should be periodically aired out during a clear cold day for a couple of hours, this is necessary so that the fur can breath. After the fur has been aired out, it should be dried inside, and then hung back in the closet.

Fur jackets and coats must be hung on wide hangers. Only a wide hanger with wide shoulders will provide the neck and shoulder support necessary for the coat to keep its shape. A thin hanger will leave stretch marks on the shoulders of the fur garment, pull on the stitches and eventually may cause the fur to tear. This hanging practice will also prolong life of your fur coat.