A fur just like human hair tends to become greasy and dirty with time and wear. A coat that has been worn for a long time, or found after spending years locked in a closet in a basement smelling musty and looking all dirty would be a perfect candidate for a deep fur cleaning treatment. Good news, you can do the deep cleaning by yourself and save a great deal of money on professional fur cleaning while getting same results. We have a product that is incredibly easy and safe to use that will remove all unpleasant odors as well as grease and dirt, and make your fur look and smell like new. All you need to do is to get Lana’s Deep Fur Cleaning Kit that will provide you with a bag of deep cleaning powder enough to clean 3 full length coats, fur brush and the mixing bag that you’ll use for the treatment procedure. You can buy the deep fur cleaning powder and all the supplies you need for the process as a combo kit for the price that is about a few hundred dollars cheaper than to pay to a fur cleaning facility.

Lana's Deep Fur Cleaning Kit

The cleaning procedure is simple and easy. Before cleaning your fur garment you'll need to shake it out and brush it with the fur brush included in the kit to get rid of the dust and dirt. Then pour the Deep Fur Cleaning powder into the mixing bag and put the fur in it. Shake the bag to coat the fur with the powder, wait 15-20 minutes and shake the bag again to insure that powder gets evenly distributed all over the fur.

If the fur is especially greasy and dirty or has an unpleasant odor, leave it in the bag overnight for best results. The deep cleaning powder will absorb and remove all grease and dirt and leave your fur clean and fresh. After you feel it’s been enough time, remove the fur out of the bag and shake the powder out (you might want to do this step outside), brush the fur with the fur brush one more time and enjoy the results. Voilà! It's that simple!

Best of all, you can use the deep cleaning powder on all types of fur but should you have any questions our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist you. Become your own fur cleaning expert and save a great deal of money, it’s easy with Lana’s fur cleaning products. Enjoy your fur in its full beauty, you well deserve it!