Many of us have run into the situation when once a beautiful white fur coat is no longer all that white. The collar and sleeves have this tinge of yellow that is ruining the coat. What a woman to do? The first thought that pops in mind is to bring it to a professional fur cleaner and have it cleaned. After all, all stores that sell fur stress tirelessly not to try and clean it at home but to bring it to a professional cleaning, better yet, to the place you bought it from and they will do the job for you for a mere few hundred dollars. But what if you didn’t buy your fur coat? What if you inherited it or it was a present and you don’t know where to find a professional fur cleaner. Or most importantly, what if you don’t feel like spending a few hundred dollars on fur cleaning and so your once beautiful coat keeps collecting dust in your closet.

Well, for all those of you we offer a great fur whitening solution that you can buy and restore your fur to its natural whiteness all by yourself. It’s called Lana’s Fur Whitener and it does exactly that, whitens your yellowed with age fur. It works like teeth whitener restoring the natural white of your fur. It’s incredibly easy to use and is made of all natural, non-toxic ingredients and not harsh chemicals so it’ll be gentle on your fur leaving it clean and soft.

The whole process takes just a few minutes: basically brush the area you want to treat, spray with Lana’s Fur Whitener, work the solution in with a soft pad and let the garment dry, preferably in the lighted area (the light helps the whitening process). You can repeat the procedure again if you want your fur whiter. Just like teeth whitener, Lana’s Fur Whitener makes your fur a few shades whiter with each use. It’s safe to use on all types of fur but if you have any doubts, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to address all your questions.

You can also buy our wonderful complete fur whitening kit for just $24.95 with fur brush and pad included and we all can agree that this is way better than to pay a few hundred dollars to an unknown professional. Become your own fur expert, it’s easy with Lana’s products and enjoy your well deserved coat in its full beauty.