Make your fur fabulous again!

Lana’s Fur Whitening Solution

Lana’s Fur Whitening Solution


Quick Overview

Whiten your fur that has yellowed from age. This product works like a teeth whitener.
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    Offer bigger sizes

    Works great. My only complaint is that if you need to do an entire coat or redo areas that tend to have more yellowing (collar, shoulders, sleeves) 2 oz is not enough in my opinion. Solution: Offer bigger sizes.


    excellent product

    Easy to use, quick, and gave my white mink jacket a white glow like wedding days. I will use this product again !

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    Whiten fur that has yellowed from age. This product works like a teeth whitener. It makes your fur a few shades whiter with every use. Especially works great around fur collars and sleeves that age faster from wear.

    This bottle is good for one full length coat.

    When to use

    • Eliminate spots
    • Whiten fur
    • Extend the life of your fur
    • Easy to use
    • Make a Green choice with our eco-friendly solution
    • Save money on professional treatment and get similar or better results
    • Great gift idea!


    • One (1 oz) bottle of Whitening Solution
    • Package Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 2 in
    • Weight: 1 lb


    • Nontoxic
    • No Chemicals Added
    • 100% Natural Ingredients

    How to use

    The cleaning process should involve Lana’s: Solution, Fur Brush, and a Fur Pad.

    • Step 1 – Shake and brush your fur with Lana’s Brush
    • Step 2 – Spray the area you wish to whiten
    • Step 3 – Gently rub with Lana’s Fur Pad
    • Step 4 – Let the fur completely dry
    • Step 5 – Brush the fur

    For the complete direction please click here to follow our easy steps for fabulous results.


    Use Only as Directed. If spray gets in eyes, wash out with cold water and soap.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    qI used your fur whitener product on my tibetan fur animal collectible but the fur is still showing a green hue. Is there something else i can try to whiten this fur back to it's original color? It's turned a greenish color over the past few years.

    We are sorry that you were not able to see the result you had expected. We recommend using Lana’s Fur Whitening Kit (LS-FNL-015) or Lana’s Fur Whitener (LS-FNL-032) again. You can use it up to three times if necessary. However, this time, please spray a bit more and wait a little longer before brushing the fur. With each cleaning, you should see an improvement. However, we can not guarantee a restoration of original color in all cases because we simply might not know the cause of the discoloration and the history of the fur. Therefore, we can only recommend to utilize the product two more times as this should help.

    qIs there enough whitening solution to do a full length white fox coat?

    Our fur whitening solution is usually not intended to be used on the entire coat but you can certainly do so in case when the entire coat starts to get yellow. If you want to use it on the entire coat, we would recommend purchasing Lana’s Fur Whitening Kit (LS-FNL-015) and an additional bottle of Lana’s Fur Whitener (LS-FNL-032). Two bottles should be enough for full coat whitening.

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