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Lana’s Mini Fur Cleaning Kit

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Lana’s Mini Fur Cleaning Kit


Quick Overview

This kit is perfectly sized for cleaning and care of small fur items such as collars, scarves, stoles, hats, gloves, purses, etc. Give your fur the love it deserves!
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    Used to clean 1980s Erte Dolls

    I used the kit to clean the mink fur on my old Franklin Mint Erte dolls: Symphony in Black and Eloquence. The furs were filled with dust and the products worked very well to restore them to complete elegance and extravaganza, THANK YOU!


    Great for fur hat

    I bought a second hand rabbit fur hat that smell like an old hope chest. The kit helped freshen up the hat and softened the pelt.

    Ned Flanders
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    Lana’s Mini Fur Cleaning Kit is an ideal combination of natural cleaning solution and accessories for quick and easy at home maintenance of small fur items. It works well with both real and faux fur.

    3-in-1: Clean-Glaze-Eliminate Odor on your valuable fur products.


    The Mini Fur Cleaning Kit contains a solution and all necessary tools that will make at home care for your fur items safe and easy :


    • Nontoxic
    • No Chemicals Added
    • 100% Natural Ingredients

    When to use

    • For restore the glaze and refresh your fur products
    • Continuous maintenance
    • Used it when your fur hats, collar, purses needs to be clean
    • Get out the everyday smells of smoke, perfume, etc
    • Remove the odor caused by your pets

    Make a Green choice with our eco-friendly solution. Save money on professional cleaning. It’s easy to use and great gift idea!

    How to use

    The cleaning process should involve Lana’s: Solution, Fur Brush, and a Fur Pad.

    • Step 1 – Brush your fur product (ex. collar) with Lana’s Brush
    • Step 2 – Spray Lana’s Solution evenly onto the fur
    • Step 3 – Gently rub with Lana’s Fur Pad
    • Step 4 – Let the fur completely dry
    • Step 5 – Brush the fur

    For the complete direction please click here to follow our easy steps for fabulous results.


    Use Only as Directed. If spray gets in eyes, wash out with cold water and soap.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    qI was expecting something that would be available to a professional furrier - but your solution didn't work on my items.

    We're very sorry about the negative experience you had with our fur maintenance products. We understand that you expected our solutions to be the ones that pro furriers use to clean their customer's coats. Let us assure you that, most of the time, they use similar formulas to clean and maintain their fur items. Of course, there are also so called 'commercial grade' chemical solutions out there that are stronger than the natural solutions, but we wouldn't recommend them to anyone and almost never use them ourselves because they may damage your fur when applied improperly, erode natural oils out of the fur, and leave unpleasant chemical smell.

    To be honest, we rarely get complaints about quality of our products. We have many happy customers who regularly use our products for several years and come back to get more again and again. Because we use our solutions ourselves for many years (we have a fur shop), we know it as a fact that they work better than any home remedy since they consist of a combination of multiple ingredients that not only clean but also deodorize, glaze and improve elasticity of the fur strands.

    Due to its main purpose of being a solution for regular maintenance and seasonal cleaning, in some cases when cleaning and restoring heavily worn, greasy or neglected furs, it must be used in combination with our Deep Cleaning Kit and Dry Therapy Solution to get better results. For very dirty and greasy items we recommend using our Deep Cleaning Kit first to get dirt and grease buildups out of the fur and then proceed to a normal cleaning cycle using our regular cleaning solution. For tough dirt spots our advice is to apply cleaning solution and use fur cleansing pad several times until wiping the dirt off completely. Unfortunately, there is no effortless magic-bullet cure for very dirty furs.

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