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Lana's Secure RFID Card

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Lana's Secure RFID Card


Quick Overview

Protect Your Identity with Lana's Secure Card RFID Blocking Wallet Card which Blocks RFID Card(s) while in your existing credit card holder, wallets, case, or sleeve.
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    This card is so heavy duty

    It really works and I’ve never had any info stolen after adding it to my wallet. They make a good stocking stuffer. The price is good and you don’t need to buy a metal rfid wallet if you have this.


    RFID card is awseome

    I’m really happy i can buy a heavy duty card that i can put in whatever wallet or pockets my credit and debit cards are in. Such a great idea.

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    SecureCard provides the best protection of your credit, debit, and other RFID-enabled smart cards from crowd hacking, the wireless theft of your credit and debit cards and your personal information.

    When to use

    • Any credit cards within its 10mm e-field are made invisible to a reader
    • In-Lab Tested & Audited (NTS Certificate #: PR053811-ACT1005612)
    • Fits in any wallet or money clip
    • Will last 3-6 years
    • Doesn’t require batteries
    • Fits in Any Wallet or Money Clip
    • Simply carry this card in your wallet and money clip and all cards within range of its efield will be protected.
    • Doesn’t require batteries

    How Does it Work?

    • A microchip located inside the SecureCard detects RFID scanners and emits white noise to mask your credit, debit, and other smart cards containing RFID chips. The device also has a radio frequency blocking component to provide further protection against hackers. SecureCard does not need batteries; just place it in the outermost area of your wallet or purse behind your cards, and let the microchip do the rest.
    • The SecureCard is your best defense against Crowd Hacking, making your credit cards, debit cards and personal information invisible to identity thieves and hackers. Our E-Field Technology does not require batteries or charging, lasts five years and fits in any wallet, money clip or phone case designed to hold credit/debit cards.


    • Item Weight: 0.3 ounces
    • Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.1 inches
    • Product Dimensions: Credit Card like

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