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Lana’s Sheepskin Fur Cleaner - 8oz

Lana’s Sheepskin Fur Cleaner - 8oz


Quick Overview

For continuous maintenance of all sheepskin / lambskin fur side. Not recommended for fur with extremely dry skin nor for extra tough stains such as makeup, lipstick, sweat stains, etc.
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    3-in-1: Clean, Glaze, Remove Odor On Fur Side of Sheepskin

    Lana’s Sheepskin Fur Cleaner cleans, glazes and deodorizes your valuable sheepskin fur clothing and accessories. The solution work well on fur side of sheepskin / lambskin jackets, rugs, seat covers, etc.

    This is a cleaning process that has been used in our family for over a century. Now we are able to bring you an ancient Russian fur cleansing recipe so that you can show the love your fur deserves.

    • Clean 100 sq ft + with one cleaning kit
    • Make a Green choice with our eco-friendly solution
    • Save money on professional cleaning
    • It’s easy to use and great gift idea!


    • One 8 oz bottle of Lana’s Sheepskin Fur Solution
    • Package Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 4 in
    • Package Weight: 1 lb


    • Nontoxic
    • No Chemicals Added
    • 100% Natural Ingredients

    When to use

    Get the most out of your sheepskin / lambskin fur cleaner:

    • Restore and Refresh your fur
    • Continuous maintenance
    • When your fur needs to be clean
    • Get out the everyday smells of smoke, perfume, etc
    • Remove the odor caused by your pets

    How to use

    The cleaning process should involve Lana’s: Sheep Fur Cleaning Solution, Fur Brush, and a Fur Pad.

    • Step 1 – Shaking or vacuuming the bigger dirt particles
    • Step 2 – Brush your fur with Lana’s Brush
    • Step 3 – Spray Lana’s Sheep Solution
    • Step 4 – Gently rub with Lana’s Fur Pad
    • Step 5 – Let the fur completely dry
    • Step 6 – Brush again

    For the complete direction please click here to follow our 6 easy steps for fabulous results.


    Use Only as Directed. If spray gets in eyes, wash out with cold water and soap.

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