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Fur Deep Cleaner Products

  • Lana’s Deep Fur Cleaning Kit

  • Lana’s Fur Deep Cleaning Powder


How To Restore An Old Fur To Its Beauty

A fur just like human hair tends to become greasy and dirty with time and wear. A coat that has been worn for a long time, or found after spending years locked in a closet in a basement smelling musty and looking all dirty would be a perfect candidate for a deep fur cleaning treatment. Good news, you can do the deep cleaning by yourself and save a great deal of money on professional fur cleaning while getting same results.

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How To Use Lana's Deep Fur Cleaning Kit

Learn how to use Lana’s Deep Fur Cleaning Kit to deeply clean all fur items. This product is designed specifically for really dirty, greasy, old fur. Bring back the new look of your older greasy fur that has been neglected for a long time and needs thorough cleanup.

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