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Star “I tried to find products like these from Finland, but here isnt anything, here I have to use laundry service, if I want to clean furs ( I have two old vintage fur and I do not want to pay too much to clean those)... I m lucky that I "find" yours products ” - Tarja O. Seinäjoki, Etelä-Pohjanmaa

Star “I recently purchased your stain removal kit for fur. I tried it just yesterday on a beautiful fox fur jacket I want to sell. I believe the stain to be as a result of a perfume spill. I worked on the worse spot which was yellowish orange and was amazed at how well it worked; it is almost out. I hope when I get back to it that it will come out completely. I look forward to trying some of your other products. I hope to be able to communicate with and seek advice from you in the future. ” - Mary Ruth M. Bristol, Virginia

Star “I found this site while searching for at-home cleaning methods for an old mink collar I got secondhand that I wanted to give a young man for his coat. I did find other methods, but I think this professional at-home cleaning kit would be the best way to go - and it´s cheaper than sending the collar to a furrier in Canada for $40 to $50.” - Anonymous

Star “Really like the dry Fur Therapy to help with older fur coats to help the skin side when I do repairs and working on older coats!!! Its the only thing I have found to replace Ted Roden´s Neo Dermi oil that is no longer being made. Do wish product in larger amounts was a little less money. Thanks Greg M” - Greg M. Lynnwood , Washington

Star “I have a beautiful lynx of my own, my inherited red fox coats both need cleaning and glazing. I just bought a second hand full length mink, and. 50 pounds of craft fur. The craft fur is dirty. I am excited at the thought of cleaning it at home. Thank you for your product line. PS. I am disabled, to the point of being unable to move much. So being able to do things at home is a must.” - Anonymous

Star “I was quoted a huge cost to have my coat cleaned professionally and I asked questions due to the cost, now that I have found your site I can see that your products is exactly what I was told would be used by the pros to clean my coat. I´m so glad I found your site. ” - bryan m. davidsonville, Maryland

Star “I´m really excited to be able to use your products to clean my furs at home as it´s hard finding a dry cleaner that will clean fur also, and do a good job too.” - karen h. Brooklyn, New York

Star “I have used your products on both mink and sable coats,delighted with result” - Anonymous

Star “I´m really glad to see that you´re offering more items and different sizes this past year. I love my furs, and your products, so I´ll be a regular customer for years to come. Thank you! Loretta” - Loretta A. Saint Louis, Missouri

Star “I plan on buying more cleaning solution very soon. They work great!” - Ray G. Louisville, Kentucky

Star “I am excited to find a natural solution for maintaining the fresh look of my garment.” - Gemma L. Locust Grove, Oklahoma

Star “I have been VERY pleased with My Fur cleaning kit & my leather cleaning kit that I have purchased from Lana, and I´m back to buy some additional items today! ” - Loretta A. Saint Louis, Missouri

Star “I love how detailed the site is and EASY to read and makes me more sure that I can do this myself!!!THX!!!Stephney” - Anonymous


Star “Lana´s fur conditioner really works!!!” - Anonymous

Star “I have purchased Lana´s products before and will likely purchase again.” - Anonymous

Star “I´ve been meaning to buy something for my fur coat to help clean and refresh it. I saw so many comments about Lana´s that I just have to try it. It´s so much less expensive than having it done professionally, and I´m sure they use the same products.” - lola k. Las Vegas, Nevada

Star “I have several furs and I think this will be the most economical and ecological route for me.” - Anonymous

Star “Very usefull products! Can you send me by DHL in România?” - Anonymous

Star “This is exactly what I have been looking for to clean my full length mink coat. ” - Anonymous

Star “I have a silver fox jacket that is about 45 yrs old, in excellent condition. it hasn´t been cleaned in years. always kept in a closet with a cloth covering. The coat has no stains or dirt but has yellowed around the neck and arms. Wondering what product I should use. I want to wear the coast on a trip north on 1/25. Thanks for the information.” - Anonymous

Star “I´m a vintage clothing dealer and I love being able to fresh up and restore older furs and faux furs at home with your products. I´m definitely going to be back for more products. ” - Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Star “Thank you for sale good product .” - Anonymous

Star “This is very informative web site. I learned a lot.” - Anonymous

Star “good products that work as advertised” - Anonymous

Star “I like the website. The video are also well made.” - Anonymous

Star “I´m so grateful to find quality products and instructions that enable me to clean all of my glorious vintage furs!” - Melanie M A. La Conner , Washington

Star “Website seems to be very user friendly!” - Carolyn W. San Antonio, Texas

Star “I have purchased the products in the past. They are great. In fact, I just received done today.” - Anonymous

Star “It was a pleasant surprise to find a place where I can buy cleaning solutions for my fur coats. And the best thing is that Lana´s shop ships to Romania! ” - Anonymous

Star “Recommended by Smart Sewing Fake Fur with Kenneth D. King video. From the video Mr. King recommended using Cold Tape and fur cutting tools which you carry. However, impressed with products to clean fur and leather. Also information on how to clean fur and leather. A full service website. Thanks Jo Hill” - Anonymous

Star “Products seem very easy to use,just follow instructions.” - Anonymous

Star “Happy to find products to clean fur at home! ” - Lynn T. Scottsdale, Arizona

Star “I own 2 furs and the cleaning/storage is $190. every year. Lanas products look to save me quite a deal of money and, during the slushie snows i can clean my furs instantly keeping them beautiful all winter.” - Tamara G. Indianapolis, Indiana

Star “I use Lana Fur Products now and they work great. ” - Ray G. Louisville, Kentucky

Star “I am new to fur products and have heard great things about lana´s fur.” - Anonymous

Star “Great product. I would recommend it to everyone.” - BETHLEHEM, Connecticut

Star “Glad I found these products online before I tried to clean my fur....could have made lots of mistakes.” - Jay, New York

Star “I have used Lana´s product in the past and I am ordering more in the very near future. Works great!” - Ray G. Louisville, Kentucky

Star “Thank you for being available!” - Anonymous

Star “I like that the product is natural. ” - Valley Village, California

Star “Lana´s products seem to be a great and cost effective way to take care of my furs !” - Anonymous

Star “Received my products yesterday - fast shipping” - KAREN H. JONES, Michigan

Star “The information is helpful and gave me the possibility of doing some work on my coat myself. Thank you” - Anonymous

Star “This is the 1st time I´ve come across this site only because I need to clean a fake fur coat and it says dry clean only but I think this product will do the same If I use it right” - Anonymous

Star “I was interested in home cleaning because I have 4 fur coats(mink, chinchilla collar, fox collar, racoon coat, 1 designer shearling, 1 coyote vest, 3 fur hats and 2 fur scarves and the storage cleaning bill is costly so looking for ways to save!” - Anonymous

Star “The information presented in this website is beneficial to fur owners and prices are affordable. I inherited a mink coat and had no idea of the care it needs.Thank you for sharing and making these items affordable.” - Chesapeake, Virginia

Star “Nice website and I love the product I got.” - Anonymous

Star “OUTSTANDING ! Amazing customer service.” - denise f. jamison, Pennsylvania

Star “This Is My Second Time Ordering From This Company, But Different Product, Good Cleaning Products Helpful And Affordable!!!” - Shawn M. Queens , New York

Star “User friendly!!” - south holland, Illinois

Star “I have several older furs in need of cleaning and glazing. These include mink, fox and beaver. I find having them professionally done cost prohibitive.” - Anonymous

Star “It is the first time I found products for cleaning fur, and I am very happy about that!” - Anonymous

Star “I´m glad I found your site. I don´t trust sending my fur out to a second party for cleaning.” - Anonymous

Star “I love the products I purchased but need a little help understanding how to use the one cleaning product I purchased,” - Phoenix, Arizona

Star “Please respond more quickly. Other than that, everything is awesome! I LOOOOOVE your products! I´m going to be advertising them on TV this Tuesday!” - Anonymous

Star “Great site it helped a lot” - Cheryl T. McMahons Point, NSW

Star “Product works well. Glad to have an alternative to costly professional cleaning. Thank you.” - Thompson, Ohio

Star “At the moment, I have no negative comments. So far your products work good for my furs.” - Cheryl M. Elmore, Alabama

Star “Site is pretty good. My one unanswered question was answered when I used the "contact" feature.” - San Francisco, California

Star “I was looking for a good hanger for my coat and was not able to find one until I found Lana´s web. Thanks a lot.” - Elia D. Miami, Florida

Star “So pleased I found your website. My old fur is in need of restoration.” - San Diego, California

Star “I absolutely love the videos provided ” - Anonymous

Star “Find your site through the YouTube video. So happy you exist because it seems expensive to do basic cleaning through a ferrier, so grateful you offer the public the products to care for them ourselves! ” - Anonymous

Star “I am in London and cannot find anything like this here. A relief to find you!” - Lindsay J. Forest Hills, New York

Star “Lana´s website is so great and easy to go through.” - Anonymous

Star “It was great to find and get products that are true to there word from the internet.” - Cathy B. Edmonton, Alberta

Star “Awesome and easy to use! ” - Pamela P. Greenfield, Wisconsin

Star “I have been inspired to try Lanasfur products after watching YouTube videos. I have bought a vintage full length mink and it stinks to high heaven so I´m very interested in the full cleaning set. Only problem, I´m in the U.K. And some companies don´t post outside the USA. ” - Anonymous

Star “Very glad I found your site” - Anonymous

Star “Can´t wait for my odor remover.” - April H. Eagan, Minnesota

Star “Found your site very helpfull.” - Lawrence Z. APO, Armed Forces Pacific

Star “I am mainly trying to remove smoke odor from my mothers old mink stole. This stole is very "clean" - no stains, etc., barely worn, but smells to high heaven of smoke. I don´t want to take this to a professional cleaner as it is barely worn and the issue is the smell.” - Anonymous

Star “It is nice to have a product one could use at home” - Anonymous

Star “I have all my furs cleaned and stored (thanks to Lana´s products) for the summer. However, I have recently acquired a sheepskin rug that needs a light cleaning...so I came here to get the product I need. I´m very happy to see that you´ve widened the selection you offer, it has been a real life saver (ok, fur saver...same thing!). Keep offering great products and I´ll keep coming back, and telling everyone where I get "the good stuff" from! Loree” - Loretta A. Saint Louis, Missouri

Star “i have used in before great products.” - luz c. new york, New York

Star “I just love your easy at home solutions, it´s quick , easy and convenient.” - Vickie M. Spencer, Massachusetts

Star “Great website...love that shipping is international.” - Anonymous

Star “I was blessed with two vintage fur coats from a friend´s grandmother. I am so excited that I can now take care of them properly with your help.” - Kelly A. Oakdale, Connecticut

Star “Great product with great results” - Lisa Ann F. Clifton Park, New York

Star “I may very well use some of your products to clean/store some of my wife´s furs; especially her many fox fur hats.” - Anonymous

Star “Love this line of products ” - chaz g. fishkill, New York

Star “Just received a vintage persian lamb jacket from my grandmother... I´ve read reviews about Lana´s and it seems to be just what I need.” - Anonymous

Star “Great option to keep my fur coat in excellent condition ” - Anonymous

Star “I have received my Great Grandmothers Mink Stole and it is in great condition but I want to keep it fresh and new.” - Anonymous

Star “very pleased with website. ” - Denney P. Beverly Hills, California

Star “Thanks for such great website and products.” - Anonymous

Star “After an extremely harsh winter, my fur boots are in dire need of cleaning. They fit so nicely now I don´t want to ruin them.” - Lisa Ann F. Clifton Park, New York

Star “I have 2 vintage mink and a 1920 seal coat. they all require a great amount of repair and cleaning before I can give them to my nieces. I was given these coats and I am hoping these products will work. ” - Jean A. Little Lake, Michigan

Star “Great to find something online that I can do at home!” - Angela H. Yonkers, New York

Star “Website is vey straightforward and found what I needed immediately.” - GRADY L I. Houston, Texas

Star “I already own the fur cleaning kit, and it would be nice if you sold the spray by itself since I already have the brush.” - Anonymous

Star “I´m still browsing, and only need to clean a fur hat but I think I may end up buying something here.” - Vianna H. Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Star “Glad to be able to find something that will keep my furs in better condition.” - Cathy A B. holden, Missouri

Star “Love the products they are easy to use and website very manageable ” - Anonymous

Star “Just shopping, look for a way to fluff up and clean fox tails at home.” - Kelly T. San Diego, California

Star “Appreciate the fur cleaning and storage tips” - Tania C. SPRINGFIELD, Oregon

Star “Looking at a gift for a fur loving friend” - Anonymous

Star “Looking forward to receiving my order to use on my collection of Russian fur hats that I buy when I go to Chelyabinsk. I have silver fox, Russian raccoon and mink hats.” - Mark W. Anchorage, Alaska

Star “Very happy that products are natural, biodegradable, and non GMO. ” - Anonymous

Star “I have used your products in the past year and they work very well. Going to order more. Thank You” - Anonymous

Star “Very informative” - Anonymous

Star “I am very interested in saving money and this appears to be a good way to do so. ” - marianne m. Woodinville, Washington

Star “Only site I found that has anything for cleaning furs at home” - Anonymous

Star “I am interested in conditioning the dry stiff skins of my mink coat as well as clean and remove odor.” - Jeff H. Roswell, Georgia

Star “I like that the products are natural and that Lana´s supports sustainability!” - Anonymous

Star “This site is very helpful!” - Anonymous

Star “Fantastic Products, I may just need larger sizes or wholesale pricing. :)” - Alana L. Bloomington, Indiana