Leather goods aren’t only beautiful but also expensive. But leather is very sensitive and will not handle improper care and negligence, also any leather damage is extremely noticeable. After buying leather clothing don’t forget to care for your leather appropriately. Please read our quick leather maintenance guide below to ensure your leather goods a long lasting life.

After purchasing a leather garment your greatest concern will be maintaining its new condition for as long as possible. Leather handbags require the most attention and care because they are constantly worn. Leather is constantly affected by weather conditions, having to withstand harsh weather; leather should be treated with a protective solution that blocks out humidity and dirt. Leather that has been treated with a protective solution is much easier to clean.

The biggest factor that ruins leather quality is improper storage. If leather goods are properly stored they can last you a lifetime.

By following proper leather care rules below you will not only save you money but also insure your leather goods a long lasting life.

  • Do not store leather in plastic bags. Leather requires ventilation and fresh air.
  • Do not store leather in bright sunlight, because it will burn and fade. The best storage location is a dark closet.
  • Leather should only be dried at room temperature.
  • Special solutions should be used to clean leather.
  • Leather has the tendency to stretch, so avoid filling leather bags with heavy objects.
  • Leather should never get wet all the way through. This will greatly decrease the leather’ life span, and appearance.